Torchhh’s New EP “GOO” Sets The Tone For Jersey Rap


New Jersey’s Torchhh delivers a collection of his best tracks for his new EP GOO. The rapper’s sound is gritty and menacing but has a bounce to it that makes you wanna dance. “Doubted Me” is a perfect example of that. The #doubtedmechallenge has over 7,000 views on Tik Tok and with Jersey running the dance rap world right now, the song has serious potential to continue its ascent.

However, as catchy as his music is, it doesn’t feel forced or primed for that platform. Torchhh‘s ability to balance the authenticity of life in Newark, NJ with great production and memorable lyrics sets him apart from the pack. “Got The Streets Pt.2” and “Twin Glocks” are also highlights from the project and show off Torchh’s ability to catch and keep your attention.

Check out GOO on all platforms now!


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