Travis Thompson’s New Album “BLVD BOY” Will Blow You Away


Travis has always been a Chiefers favorite and it’s pretty amazing to see his evolution happen right before our eyes. His music is such a breath of fucking fresh air because he understands how to convey his emotions. It’s not masking the real feeling of music like all of these wannabe rappers who don’t want to look weak or vulnerable. Instead, this causes such an insane connection between Travis and the listener.

There are songs on here that will make you bawl your eyes out, for example, “BVLD BOY” made my chubby ass tear the fuck up. “Psycho” and “Hollywood Weed” make you prance through your living quarters without a care in the world. The melodic prowess that Thompson boasts is not the usual pitch-corrected noise. This is very reminiscent of how these mels and harms sounded during the Acid Rap era. But here’s a plot twist, this project will age so much better than the compeition.

Travis enlists so many solid features for this project as well and it proves that these peers respect his sound enough to bless it with some styling of their own. Kyle, Kota, Boogie, G Eazy, Juicy J, Khris P, Dan Caplen, and Glenn all gifted a diverse set of skills to paint the skies with.

Though I will say that the songs by himself win me over the most. We knew his talent level when we came into this one, but it’s only elevated. Travis and his team care about helping their city and making timeless music, anything else that comes along is just an added bonus. You can feel that he loves to unveil his talents, but it’s also about finding happiness, peace, and his place in this world. Great work all around and who knows there might be an interview in the future, tap in below.



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