Trevor Spitta Pops in “Popstar” Music Video


New Jersey native Trevor Spitta pops in his music video to “Popstar”. Recently making the move from Jersey to LA the inspiration from seeing the hills everyday is what created this song. Being in the East Coast your whole life and then going across the country to beautiful weather and amazing views everyday is something that many people take for granted but Trevor appreciates it all. Singing about not knowing when he’s gonna pop off, it’s clear that it’ll be soon. His voice, flow, and delivery are all something that is next level. 

For the video it was directed by Caseunofilms. Constantly changing locations this video has a lot to offer. Trevor Spitta also has such a unique sound and this video captures it perfectly with hints of his personality. Trevor Spitta has been getting after it in the past few years but this is his time now so tap in.




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