Tuxx Continues His Incredible Run As Of Late With The Soon To Be Smash “Old Me”


Off the rip you can tell this is a hit. From the chords, to the infectious melodies rifting from young Tuxx‘s larynx. Internet Money gets a lot of flack because of the volume of music they release, instead I look at it as the formula. Gift the fans new content every week until the memory is seared into our minds and ear drums. There is one vast difference between the other imprints and this one, the music is consistently fucking good.

With a sundry of producers putting some work in on this, mjNichols, Cxdy and Frankie OTG teamed up to drop off a rather simple instrumental. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s not a hit. On the contrary, simplicity usually wins and this is another notch in Tuxx‘s belt. Showing shades of his talents every week, this young artist is proving to be a force in the game. Regardless of how you feel the waves aren’t going to stop, peep the work below.


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