Two Of New York’s Budding Stars Rocko Ballin And 26AR Float Over A Lau Production On “Fear No One”


Rocko Ballin and 26AR both have had a solid beginning to the new decade. 26 was on our pages a few months back with the release of his project 26 Never Left. Not to denote Rocko and his greatness by any means because this kid is onto something serious on top of that. They both have a number of things in common, but a big factor in their success is the production from A Lau.

If you’re not hip to one of New York’s most brilliant maestros, it’s about time to get hip. He has a variety of styles, but this go round, he gifts the people with some quintessential drill. As Rocko starts thing off with an incredibly catchy chorus, he flows into a stellar verse as well. Then 26AR rounds things out with his precise and braggadocios cadence to taunt the opps.

In these frames we see the rugged streets of the city between transitions of designer and copious amounts of cash. This is meant to be as authentic as possible and it translates well to the viewer. With the direction handled by Vintage Modern, we really got to see a normal night for these guys without added frills. Everyone on this record is going to have much success in the near future, so don’t miss the plane.


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