Ty Safari and Zara Bash’s New EP Is “Heaven on Earth”


Virginia natives Ty Safari and Zara Bash have seen immense success respectively in their young careers, and now they are continuing their growth and impact by joining forces on a fresh new EP titled, Heaven on Earth. Featuring eight tracks of pure quality that effortlessly blends the drastic contrast of the two artists vocals, this newest outing is showcasing each of these two lyricists at their best. With production contributions from platinum producer HighDefRazjah, Monte Booker, 808Louie, and Bash himself, the sonics encompassed in this latest drop provide an innovative and refreshing take on the soundscape of today. From the intro you’ll find yourself encapsulated in what these two are doing as Safari croons on “Me VS The World.” The serene vibes quickly turn to pure energy as the second track, “Scarface”, drops into an insanely disgusting beat and both take their turns before Bash ends it with a ruthlessly executed verse. From then on the energy doesn’t falter even a little bit. Do yourself a favor and spend some time getting familiar with these two artists, and stay tuned for more!



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