TyFontaine And SoFaygo Unwind On Their First Collaboration


TyFontaine and SoFaygo don’t have a care in the world. On “Run It Up”, the nonchalant duo complete the simple gesture of just having fun. Oftentimes, audiences have an expectation (myself included) for an artist’s music to be heavy. Unless they’re ruminating on their darkest truths or disclosing their entire being, rappers run the risk of having “no substance.” That line of thinking underestimates how difficult it is to create a song that people want to enjoy not only by themselves but in a gathering as well. 

Over the familiar bounce of a Jetsonmade beat, Ty and Faygo have no problem giving a tutorial on how to accomplish it. “I just popped an E, I’m feeling better now,” Ty smoothly raps before handing off the rest of the chorus duties to Faygo: “I had to trade that bitch, I don’t give no fucks.” Though they hail from different regions their auto-tuned laced voices are akin. TyFontaine and SoFaygo both found their home first on SoundCloud and while their trajectory continues to swing upward you can catch them in full relaxation mode in the DotComNirvan video below.


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