Tyler, The Creator Partners With WhaleRock Industries To Reveal “Media Hubs” For Celebrities

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On February 17 & 18th, independent tech news, review and event hosting website Recode, conducted their first Code/Media conference in Laguna Niguel, California, that hosts industry leaders in media and technology. Upon hearing that Tyler would be a part of this event, I became highly intrigued. Looking at the roster of speakers, it was clear that he would be in the company of CEO’s of leading social media websites & other well-known entertainment giants.

What was he there for, you may ask? Tyler joined Lloyd Braun, previous senior executive at ABC and Yahoo, and founder and CEO of Whalerock Industries, an independent media/technology company which creates, produces and distributes premium content and brands across the media landscape. They discussed Braun’s soon to come plan of creating personal media channels/networks that allow to celebrities to put out their own content such as videos, photos, & etc. all while directing a larger sum of revenue into their personal pockets by removing a “middleman” from the equation.

Aside from Tyler, those on board to have a platform are Kim Kardashian and Howard Stern. “I won’t even have to use Twitter anymore. I’ll be able to engage with my fans straight on,” Tyler commented. These channels, which should be appearing by June via web and mobile apps, will offer a mix of free and paid content. Braun has plans to service 12-20 performers and brands by 2018. Scroll through the photos & Check the video below which shows excerpts from Tyler and Mr. Braun’s talk at Code Media today, and be on the look out for this service to roll out within the next few months. You never know, maybe one day your favorite artist may join.

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