Tyler Major – “Mornings At The Villa” / “Garden Sage SV”



Tyler Major is releasing a new EP this Friday, titled “From The River“.

Prepping for the August 28th release of his new EP “From The River”, Tyler Major of NRK, gifts his die hard fans with two new personally crafted mixes of music.

Morning At The Villa Cover

First, is “Mornings At The Villa”, an entirely TMaj produced 5 song instrumental suite, which was inspired by a vacation getaway to North Georgia that Major took a couple of months ago before moving to Los Angeles.

Next is “GardenSage SV”, an extension of Pyramid Vritra’s notable ‘Swagsville’ series, where he selects a number of his favorite songs to Chop & Screw. On GardenSage, Tyler flips 11 songs ranging from the likes of artists such as: Future, Boom Clap Bachelors, Paul Hardcastle, Lil Keke, & Jon B, combined with a couple of exclusive NRK joints that are to be released in the coming months.

And last but not least, is the link to Pre-Order Tyler’s “From The River” EP, releasing this Friday on iTunes via NRK/The Order Label.

Tyler Major – From The River EP



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