Tyler The Creator To Curate Soundtrack For New Grinch Movie


Universal Pictures movie The Grinch, is a timeless classic. Embodying everyones worst nightmares for the mystical gift giving holiday in Whoville, Tyler The Creator has been carefully selected to voice all of these emotions into music for the upcoming favorited mainstream Christmas film written originally by the fabled Dr. Suess (who was one of the best in the game himself, look him up). He is also supposedly writing new authentic songs and doing a remix to the very famous “Your A Mean One”.

This is big, not only for Tyler but for Hip-Hop and the culture as a whole. Hip-Hop is breaking barriers into both holiday films and storied vintage written books that are taking on different angels of todays perception and society in its scoring. As time goes on, movies and books will be carefully crafted around generations. Tyler is now one of very few artists in Hip-Hop to do so taking the totem pole and carrying it onto the next chapter in history and whatever movie time may bestow upon us.


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1. you’re a mean one

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