Tyler The Creator’s Adds Instrumentals To “Cherry Bomb”


Cherry Bomb by Tyler The Creator was an instant classic. The 2015 album still lingers and is heard just as often if not more as it was when it was when released. Tyler continues to improve and is becoming a more multifaceted artist as he has been. As well as much more involved with fashion, movies, and of course, more music. As the date approaches to when Tyler will drop his highly anticipated album sometime this November, claiming that the up-coming project is about falling in love, which excited many to be able to see what Tyler’s approach may be on the matter. As time closes in on the release of his new content, he surprises and gives all of his fans and listeners a little something special to hold on to with instrumentals included for every track on the 2015 album. Give it a listen and reminisce to the delightful and intriguing sounds that make up the masterpiece known as “Cherry Bomb” below.



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