Uh Oh, Kid Trunks Disses Vic Mensa In New Track Titled, “Icky Vic”


The Members Only artist out of Florida and one of XXXTENTACION’s best friends Kid Trunks, backs him up and shoots his shot at Vic Mensa with a response diss track titled “Icky Vic”. This all roots from an incident that took place about a week ago when Mensa was seen at the BET Awards in a cypher as he picked apart and threw some insulting remarks at the now deceased X with his mother, family, and friends in the audience. This was not taken well by X’s comrades and his corner was furious. Mensa then followed up by putting out a PSA to the public via Instagram to clarify his actions which was not received well by his opposers. As tensions grew and words were exchanged by artists all over social media about the BET Award episode, X’s team member and brother Kid Trunks decided to stand up and respond with a 2 minute long diss record aimed at the Chicago rapper. Listen to the track titled, “Icky Vic” by Kid Trunks now above.


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