Underground Underdog Tour Recap



Florida rapper Pouya took off on a tour to promote his album Underground Underdog, and I got to catch his performance at The Rave in Milwaukee.

I’m personally a very new Pouya fan. I hadn’t really ever heard of him until I started writing for Daily Chiefers. I did a little reading up about Pouya, the successful 21 year-old from Florida. He raps about real stuff. Stuff that is relative to his life and that other people can relate to. That’s instantly what drew me to him. We’re around the same age; I think he’s less than a year older, so I can relate to a lot of his struggles.

So he came to The Rave in Milwaukee. If you know anything about The Rave, it’s a super old venue with many stages. Pouya performed at The Bar, which I believe maxes out at ~400 people, and he sold out the morning of his show. I walk into the venue, and I was surprised by the crowd in there. It was a mix of white kids who probably used the “n-word,” and people who were rather well-versed in hip-hop. (I’m the latter.)

The show started with one of the best hip-hop DJ’s that I’ve ever seen, bemyfriend. He seriously got that crowd to move. I’ve never seen a DJ command the stage like he did. That was one of my favorite parts of this show.

Another really crazy part about this show is that there were no openers. Germ, Ramierez, Shakewell, and Pouya all performed at the same time. I know that sounds confusing, but they made it work. I usually stay in the back to get a good view of everything, but I gotta say, when Pouya played “Energy,” I was in the middle of the crowd punching scrawny white dudes in the throat.

This was easily one of the most fun shows I’ve been to, especially since I was able to meet all of the performers after the show. I just want to add a special shout out to Pouya’s manager and bemyfriend for making it possible for me to meet everyone, and also for The Rave for hosting a bad ass show. If you haven’t heard Underground Underdog, I’ll have it streaming below.



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