Undiscovered Gems: 4 Gifted Producers On The Rise


    With so many releases coming out lately and so much time on our hands, it’s a perfect time to dive deeper into music. If you pay attention to the details, it’s impossible to avoid appreciating the value of producers (and engineers, as well) have on the music industry. We would be nothing without them.

    We’ve covered plenty of underrated talent thus far in Undiscovered Gems, and today, we’re continuing that precedent once again with another slew of upcoming artists that you probably haven’t heard of yet. Take a deeper look into four upcoming producers that we love and are currently making some major waves in the music industry. Tap in.


    Anton Mendo, also known as Starboy, is a Dutch producer based in Tokyo, Japan. You may have stumbled upon Starboy on social media with his outlandish antics. You’d know for sure if you’ve seen him (the young producer has a picture of Kirby tattooed on his face). As if that isn’t enough to catch your attention, Starboy has produced some of your favorite songs, such as “BOP” by Dababy, “Futsal Shuffle 2020” by Uzi, and “Rockstar” by Lil Keed and NAV. The super-talented producer has collaborated with many more notable names, including KILLY, and other members of the production group, Hyperpop. He serves a role alongside Brandon FinessinLoesoe (both produced “Futsal Shuffle 2020” with Starboy), and Outtatown.


    Coming from New Jersey is another talented producer who goes by the name of Jackwiththemac. Though he’s relatively young, Jack boasts a catalog of placements that would make any top-tier producer jealous.

    Jack has produced some major hits, including “Murder” by Trippie Redd, “Exotic” by Trippie featuring Playboi Carti, and a few others. Despite neither song being released on all streaming platforms, the young producer has continued to work his ass off. He’s always posting new shit on YouTube, sharing melodies on other platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where he interacts with fans and potential customers. Although neither song was released on DSP’s, the video for “Murder” has garnered over 5 million streams which is a testament to Jackwiththemac‘s incredible talent. Take a look at the link below and get familiar with another talented producer.


    If you identify as a Jack Harlow fan, then there’s no way you haven’t heard of 2forwOyNE. He is arguably the best producer out of Louisville, and now is known as Jack Harlow‘s go-to resource for his crazy beats. The two of them came up in Louisville together, and has even been featured on Jack Harlow songs such as “Warsaw” and “Sylvia”, while producing some of Jack‘s most notable records, including “Sundown,” and “Dark Knight,” which was Harlow‘s breakout hit. Recently, Woyne featured on ATM‘s latest singe, “Havin’ It,” featuring co-production from Cor Blanco. Get hip to the amazing artist below. You won’t be disappointed.

    Lord Fubu

    One of my favorite producers in the game right now is a member of A$AP Ant‘s Marino InfantryLord Fubu. His production is on another level, creating some of the craziest A$AP Ant tracks, including “Quantum Physics,” “Shanghai” and “Soul Reaver.” The Jacksonville, Florida native even been seen on an unreleased track with Playboi Carti, which was produced alongside ICYTWAT. His catalog is one-of-a-kind, releasing body’s of work with names such as Divine CouncilMoneyMarrMattOx, and $ilkMoneyLord Fubu‘s work speaks for itself. Plus, he’s a fire clothing designer as well! Tap in with bro.


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