Undiscovered Gems: Bouvé’s “Lawsuits 4” Is Too Fye!


Wow. I think I found my new favorite song (at this point in my life this is every two weeks). Screaming “that’s a drop, top, top!” at the top of my lungs has been my morning routine for the past two mornings as I crack open a cold Heineken around 11AM to get the vibe right. Shot in the Hollywood Hills, emerging rapper Bouvé makes his Chiefers debut with a crazy video to his infectious smash, “Lawsuits 4.” The track itself is very Detroit-inspired or maybe something out of the Bay, either way it’s extremely fire. Get hip to Bouvé and stay tuned for more from the rising rapper. Tap in.

Shouts out to Sam Aarons for showing me 🙂


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