Undiscovered Gems: Cloud9Kino Goes All Out in “Magnetic Attraction”


Cloud9Kino is someone who I’ve only recently became familiar with. The young artist doesn’t have an extensive discography yet, but all the songs that he has released are bangers. He is an artist that harnesses both an amazing voice and can also spit bar after bar with no hesitation.

The single “Magnetic Attraction” encapsulates what Cloud9Kino is all about. The young Dallas artist utilizes his extraordinary vocals to deliver a beautiful hook, singing over an energetic beat produced by Stoic Beats. Cloud9Kino‘s second verse on the song also showcases just how talented the young lyricist is. He delivers with some amazing wordplay while keeping a clean and catchy flow that will definitely have your head bopping.

We’re looking forward to more music from this young talent, and we’re extremely excited to see the development of his career. Tap in with Cloud9Kino and check out “Magnetic Attraction” down below!


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