Undiscovered Gems: Get Acquainted With St. Panther And Her Latest Single, “These Days”


Once again, here at Chiefers we love to find the best new shit, and St. Panther fits the description. After going through a few submissions in my email, her manager Bradley sent me the song and upcoming EP, and I was completely blown away.

The amazing artist and producer is from Irvine, CA, and her name is St. Panther. Don’t forget it. Although this is the first record we’ve come across, her SoundCloud is littered with a plethora of gems, and honestly, this is the type of music that keeps me humble and proud that I work in the industry I work in, it’s just always evolving. Anyways, there’s not many words that first come to mind when you listen initially, and it’s more attributed to the fact that song is just THAT good more than anything else.

After a few spins, you really start to realize how special this record is. It’s filled with luscious horned instruments that fill the record with such amazing energy it’s the perfect song to kick start Summer with. Seriously.

Either way, dive into St. Panther‘s latest release, “These Days,” and stay tuned for more from the emerging talent.


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