Undiscovered Gems: Get Hip to KDVSGOLIATH and Check Out His Amazing “Play Your Part” Record


KDVSGOLIATH, the 20 year-old born in Ethopia now based in South-West London has been making some great impressions over here in the United States. With his melodic flow and his knack for creating good music, KDVSGOLIATH has made it to the Chiefers pages with his amazing song and video for “Play Your Part.”

This song jumps right off the page, captivating your attention almost immediately. And what I think makes him special is that his music leads the way. Not to say he doesn’t have great style or charisma, but I find myself jammin’ the repeat button way more than I’m looking for his Instagram. KDVSGOLIATH has a solid future within the music industry and can find his way making overseas to an international level. Until then, tap in with “Play Your Part” below, and stay tuned for more updates.


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