Undiscovered Gems: Listen to AG Club’s Powerful New Single, “Saturday 6/20”


East Bay Area collective AG Club has been one of our favorite upcoming acts in 2020, and we’re excited to see what they piece together in 2021, especially now with the word that their might be a possible vaccine for COVID-19.

Anyways, in the beginning of this year, the California collective gained some major traction with their hit single, “Memphis,” which eventually saw NLE Choppa and A$AP Ferg hopping on the remix. Together, the crew has built a crazy and unique fan-base over the past few months, with barely any shots taken. Now, with 2020 ending, it looks like AG Club is ready to show the world what they got, and trust me, it’s all fire. Either way, AG Club is special. Find out below.

Here’s their most recent record.

Here’s my favorite record by them, along with their popular “Memphis” single.


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