Undiscovered Gems: Listen to Maeesha B’s Bubbly New Record, “Don’t HMU”


Maeesha B is an artist that was recently presented to me via email, and I absolutely fell in love with the record. The song, titled “Don’t HMU,” is bubbly and fun to listen to, but still has the framework that any R&B fan could fall in love with. At the same time, the record has many elements that a true rap fan could really enjoy (Maeesha is really flowing crazy on this one). Seriously, on “Don’t HMU,” the record gives you elements that blend SZA with Gunna together that will have you feeling like “the shit” but also make you wish you had a solid partner by your side.

Recently, she has released a few records that fill the same void in “Go To The Flow” and “Nobody,” which you can find on here Spotify and Apple Music pages. All in all, you need to tap in with the Ottawa-born artist, Maeesha B. Check it out.


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