Undiscovered Gems: Meet Arizona Crooner, Zac Greer


Whew. It’s been a crazy few months, but this pandemic has had a few positives. For me, one of the positives is the amount of free time I have for music discovery. When it comes to music discovery, sometimes it’s just being able to answer a DM from a friend that becomes the reason for your next favorite artist. Enter Zac Greer.

After talking with the good folks over at Overcast!, I was introduced to rising Phoenix crooner, Zac Greer, and I was immediately hooked. His voice is absolutely beautiful, and without a doubt has one of the best song-writing skills I’ve ever seen. It’s next level. Knowing me, I decided to dive into his catalog and picked out my favorites to present to you, and trust me, they’re all fire. So, without further hesitation, check out Zac Greer below, and stay tuned for more from the emerging talent. You’re welcome.

Here’s his most popular song.

And here’s another one. Keep posted for more 🙂


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