Undiscovered Gems: OnlyBino! and ssgkobe Go Crazy On Their New Heater, “Cutthroat!”


It’s clear that the hip-hop scene in Southern Florida is competitive as fuck. With legends coming out of the area like XXXTENTACION, Denzel Curry, and Ski Mask the Slump God, following suit can be extremely difficult, especially when trying to highlight what makes your sound different from the rest. This is why one of South Florida’s newest underground kids has me very excited. It’s rare that you see an artist grow as quickly artistically as Onlybino! has. Over the last eight months, Bino has been consistently releasing singles, each one better than the next.

The young Jamaican rapper, raised in South Florida, has quickly developed a highly advanced catalog considering his short time in the game. Following this recent batch of singles, Bino has teamed up with ssgkobe to bring us an atmospheric banger that is, quite literally, out of this world. The song, titled “Cutthroat!,” is the go-to single to bump during a smoke sesh with a friend that has those 18-inch subs. With a trap piano and crunchy 808s leading the way, it’s a combination that can’t go wrong. And quite honestly, if you fuck with this, you’ll definitely want to peep the rest of his discography. I would recommend starting with his earliest single, “Busy!,” and listening in order. The growth is evident, and it is enormous. I think it’s safe to say, Bino is definitely one you’ll want to watch in 2021.


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