VA Collective BreezePark Drops Surprise Video For “Gimmedat”


Virginia based collective BreezePark recently left us with a shock after dropping a surprise video out of nowhere for “Gimmedat”, a standout track from their recent full length release, Bloom. Uploaded via ELEVATOR, the David Kithcart III-directed video features the crew of four in the middle of what seems to be an abandoned factory of sorts. As the squad stands in front of a sharp 350z in the desolation of the factory yard, the bass crackles at the start of the Kill Beats-produced track and you know it’s go-time. From the jump this song is bridled with energy, and it’s bursting through the seams throughout the entirety of the flick. As each member gives their set of memorable bars with impactful delivery, the video pans to different areas of the setting; almost allowing you to get the notion that this industrial area is a playground for them to let out their demons. I couldn’t think of a better first video to drop from their recent album Bloom as this is really setting the stage for the groups’ demands for attention. They just aren’t going to rest until you “Gimmedat.” Check it out above.


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