Van Buren Records Is Back With Their New Visuals For “FOUL”


Those Brockton boys are back at it, but it feels like they never left. In the midst of a game full of clones and commonalities that underwhelm the people, VB stands alone with their arsenal of talents. Directed by John Rawl and Luke Kane (After Pangea Pictures) and with shining production from Latrell James, the viewer will be blown away by this end product.

“FOUL” is an entrancing piece of production but lets, Luke, Meech, Jiles, and Felix all get a piece of the pie. Though you won’t miss out on the rest of the bunch because they’re right behind their team and heavily present on the gang-style vocals. Van Buren has a real identity and it doesn’t ever get tiring. The music is really that good, DSM drops 9/9, so get hip to one of the best rap collectives right now.


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