Vohrtex – Dirt Kobain’s Sinsational Summer [Mixtape]



About a year ago I somehow stumbled across Vohrtex‘s music, and was immediately intrigued by the way he made music. His rapping voice is coarse and gritty, but he used it in such a way that caught my ear. His music in general is just different, and I like different. Since then he’s grown a lot as an artist, and has built a solid following to this point. Vohrtex has become much more comfortable sonically, in the sense that he really found his pocket and knows what works for his gritty voice in terms of production and deliveries.

His newest project Sinsational Summer is hardly just hip-hop; it combines elements of punk and other genres en route to an all-around strong listen from the East Coast native. He’s been gaining some traction lately outside of soundcloud as well, as he recently opened up for Pouya and the rest of the Buffet Boys crew, and caught their attention:


He’s enjoying a nice ascension right now, and we’re definitely here for it. Enjoy his new sounds below:


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