Watch BIGBABYGUCCI’s VHS-Inspired “Meet At The Ritz” Video


North Carolina’s BIGBABYGUCCI is an obvious favorite here at Chiefers but it comes with much respect towards his craft and his attention to detail. From the videos to the music, GUCCI has the ability to change the sound of the music without straying to far from the overall consistency that he creates. It’s like one big movie.

After dropping his latest project, Human, BIGBABYGUCCI continues to the ride the momentum from the aforementioned project with another new video in “Meet At The Ritz.” And per usual, the song incredible.

With a VHS-inspired tone to it, BIGBABYGUCCI takes his talents to New York to bring the Cxdy-produced record to life, and we’re loving every second of it. Knowing GUCCI, he’s likely to drop another project soon so stay tuned. Tap in.

Produced by Cxdy.


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