Watch Tyler, the Creator Show Up To His Fan’s Standup Show


Wow, man this is fuckin’ amazing. As much as I never really liked Tyler, the Creator’s music, I sure have always liked him as a person. The first time I actually was able to see his true personality was when he first beat Wiz Khalifa for best new artist on MTV’s music awards. After winning the event, Tyler came on the mic to preach that you can achieve anything as long as you follow your dreams. And to be honest, that was the exact day that I did — and thank you Tyler. I decided to get into the music industry all because of a couple words of encouragement to follow your dreams. Seems simple, right?

Normally, you would think that this would come natural to someone, but if you look at today’s society, it seems to be that people are doing the opposite, which makes it even more amazing that Tyler would put such an effort into this cause. Anyways, earlier today a video was posted to Reddit about Tyler, the Creator showing up to a fan’s standup comedy show in Los Angeles — open mic show to add to that. The fan asked Tyler to come via his Formspring page, of which Tyler said yes, and the Odd Future rapper followed through on his promise.

The up coming standup comic Aaron Mccann took to his Facebook page to detail the night:

“He tells me not to get my hopes up but who knows. Tonight I went on stage at 7PM in an open mic night in Hollywood where there were about 20 people in the crowd. I waited at the front of the theatre with my phone in my hand checking the time constantly and then the owner tells me I gotta go on stage now. I go on and do my stuff and look at the door all fucking night thinking maybe he will come but he never did. I get off stage happy that my set went down well and the people seemed to appreciate it by telling me they enjoyed but in the back of my head I was disappointed even though he told me not to get my hopes up of course I did. Anyways I’m about to go look on my phone for a way to kill the rest of the evening and I hear this voice saying “shit sorry I’m late.” I look up and it’s fucking T himself. I was speechless, shaking and overall just fucking paralyzed with happiness.”


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