We Gotta Stop Letting These Wrinkly Dinosaurs Run Our Country


Oh no here comes Brick with another opinion about the socio-economic status of the world we live in. Well guess what fuckers, better buckle that seat belt because I’m about to get a little wild on this one. I hear a lot of Biden sucks and yeah no shit. He hasn’t done nearly what he said he was going to do, but let’s not forget about what every living politician has done since the beginning of time. Break their promises. Trump is the same as Biden, we just got stimulus checks and unemployment under his ratty regime. Did I love both stimulus and unemployment? Yeah no shit, but was there still an abundance of nonsense going on in the world? Of course. It never stops regardless of who is our President.

What I’m getting at is this system is so broken that it has the people believing our votes will single handily determine how our country turns out. It’s not ever going to be that simply because we don’t know what goes on behind these closed doors. Dark alley business dealings and greed will plague our society until the end of time. Politicians aren’t people and to be perfectly honest, I have no idea to fix our world. But all I ask of our fellow human beings is to at least try. Give some effort to help mend what’s broken while we’re here. Music helps aid my weary head so tap into the brilliance I’ve gathered below.

Blvck Svm – Risotto

Svm is an unreal example of this next generation of music. He stays ever so calm and collected when he gifts us what his pen creates. In a metaphorical sense, this cut parallels the title quite accurately. To make a stellar risotto it takes time and gentle care. Svm turns our world upside down with his world play, but the finished product is always smooth, subtle and uniform to his wave. Produced by Sebastian Kamae & King Khamen, they gift a wondrous backdrop to paint Svm‘s sermon. This man is always onto some shit, so peep the gas above.

ihateyouALX – Consequences

IhateyouALX takes to horse back for his vibrant visuals titled “Consquences”. This is an introspective cut to live with while you ride through the countryside. You can hear the focus in ALX‘s tone and subject matter. He’s willing to go the distance for his dreams and aspirations, making music that is genuine in the meantime. This young man is definitely a name to watch in the upcoming months.

DK – Honey In My Tea (Produced By NedBeats)

This was submitted to the Soul Serum live stream I guest appeared on a few weeks back and now that’s its live we are blessed with sheer joy. DK reps Western Massachusetts, which I don’t think I know of any artists from that specific region of the state, but his sound covers the ground for everyone. Blessed with the instrumentation of NedBeats, this pairing is something we didn’t know we needed until now. Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with the gas above.

Chow Lee – Grass Greener

It’s a Chow year and the world will soon be catching up to this fact. A cornerstone in the sample drill community and NYC alike, but there’s one thing these other acts miss. That’s star power and Chow Lee showcases that with everydrop. He looks the part, the visuals are always top-tier and the production is always pristine. It’s truly only a matter of time until every is chanting Chow Lee, but until that day peep “Grass Greener” above.

Natenumbaeight – The Disection

The hating-ass motherfuckers at these social platforms are trying to stop our boy from being great. Well good fucking try you nerds, Nate will always pop up stronger than ever. With The Dissection, we hear an eight-cut look from Nate that we’ve been fiending for. Feats from DJ Lucas and Fatboybiggz add some extra zest, but we’re here for Nato per usual. Do yourself a favor, roll a friggin doinker, pop a whateveryoufeellike and get rowdy to this one above.


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