We’re Obsessed With Cari’s “Colder In June”, And For Good Reason Too


When it comes to the UK, you can always expect the unexpected. Over the last few years British music and culture have found ways to infiltrate the United States scene, and we’re here for it. The emergence of artists such as PinkPantheress, Central Cee, Dave Santan, and many others have created huge cultural waves on music all around the world. The UK’s newest gift to the world of music comes in the form of Cari, a young artist from London who has a talent that the rest of the world needs to hear.

Her debut single “Colder in June” is any R&B lovers wet dream. Her angelic voice over the heavenly instrumental produced by Melo-Zed will bring tears to your eyes, and then have you yearning to press play afterwards just so you can hear it all over again. Cari isn’t just any old gem, she’s a diamond that shines brighter than the rest. Do yourself a favor, and listen to “Colder in June” down below!


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