West Egg – Trilluminati, ii f. James Diotic (Prob. by Gatsby)


Tampa’s top clique is at it again, and this time it is with the first single off the upcoming release thebluetape, which is set to drop November 17th. If this cut is any indication, the refined direction that spawned “Skillet” and “Blowin’ It” will evolve to an unique minimalist leaning approach that focuses on lyricism and accenting cadences on the beat. Implementing a light hearted approach in subject matter, Gatsby explained, “it’s something fun compared to the rest of thebluetape.” He continued, “We definitely wanted to create something for people to get hype to since are last few songs were more serious, which is why James and myself revisited the track and gave it an update.” The sound is beyond their years, and a couple of spins still leaves you feeling like you’re playing catch up with their rhymes. The boys from the city that derives it’s name from “sticks of fire” are putting heat on the tracks.


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