When The Streams Run Dry Where Will You Look?


Talent will always come before the numbers and those who don’t understand how art works will never change their minds. Essentially I’m here to voice how upside down I think things are I truly hope they change. And to be perfectly honest most of these A&R’s don’t know how to make a simple hi-hat roll, so why do we give any validity to their opinion? There are those who are huge exceptions and that’s because they really live this music shit and are in the studio and not on the internet. To make things shake from outside the creative realm and help these artists develop is a lost art. Most are impatient and don’t know what it’s like to fail as a musician, so they ditch these kids and leave them broken.

So when you tell me why would you sign this kid? My answer will be this. Because it makes me feel something. It doesn’t need to be any specific type of genre but great music brings tears to my eyes. Soothing tears that cleanse my day of stress and music has been the only thing in my nearly three decades on this earth that take all of the pain away. I fiend for an escape from the monotony and the rush of finding an undiscovered artist takes me there. Well, this has been my weekly therapy session, ill talk to you guys next week. I’ll call this one, when the streams run dry where will you look?

Thibault Ruellan Featuring Daniel Hex, OPC & Tiny Jag – “Midnight Club”

This is a Michigan brain-trust that the world needs to get hip to ASAP. Thibault is the maestro behind a number of brilliant cuts, but this go-round he assists Daniel Hex, OPC, and Tiny Jag in a shining manner. Hex‘s soothing tone never lacks and he’s one of my favorite singers of the new era of R&B. Both Jag and OPC‘s vocals differentiate so much from the other, it’s like the layers of a sheet cake. Working in unison to deliver the delectable piece of art for us to devour. This one is special, peep it above.

Allstar JR – “Guy Behind It”

Allstar JR is another Detroit phenom, gifting us uncut, raw descriptions of his day-to-day moves. “Guy Behind It” is arrogant and makes unrelenting attacks at your broke insecurities. On the other hand, it motivates us all to chase a bag and not be the butt of any of JR’s punchlines. These visuals aren’t anything outlandish, other than the white lambo out front. But with Amiri in abundance, per usual, though it doesn’t get redundant. We don’t care about what you think of this because the real will love it. Real intellectuals slap this shit on the way to their mensa meetings. Tap in above.

Rot Ken – “Soulja Slim”

Rot Ken is taking over where Youngboy left off. Anyway, Ken has the potential to be a household name, but the South needs to get familiar. Let’s be honest here, “Baby Choppa” was one of the best songs of the year and now it’s time to fill in the blanks. With a solid team and access to JetsonMade production whenever he wants it, the future looks like a bright one to say the very least. His momentum is building, and we all know this is a game full of potential energy. Get familiar with a future star, free the kid.

ThankUTrizzy – “WATCH!”

ThankUTrizzy is already one of my favorite DJs but his production and music overall have developed vastly over the past few years. Now this feels and sounds comfortable in this space making these visuals for “Watch!” a refreshing sight to see. The percussive elements work together to layer texturing and fill the void of space. Trizzy floats while staying calm in the pocket. Even when it’s a more laid-back style of record, he possesses an energy unlike any other. I see good things coming up from Trizzy, don’t get left behind.

Griff Tyler – “Run It Up”

This was sent to me by an LA legend, so you know I had to tap in. Griff Tyler snapped on “Run It Up” and the video only strengthens his argument. His voice is so easy to digest and the theme of the song is leaving those who don’t support your wave behind. Griff doesn’t have time to lack or fumble the ball. He’s delivering the people true tunes that they can build confidence with. That’s the whole point, connecting with the consumer past simple streams. I can hear Griff‘s passion and pain, it’s real and the people will see that. Peep this smash above.


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