Wifisfuneral Continues His Dominant Run With “CryingInLaurelCanyon”


I’ve been listening to Wifi since “Surrrf” dropped in 2015 and with his top-tier talents he has curated a stellar fan base. Five years later, the catalog and his wave is growing strong as ever, but the hunger in his music has never dwindled. You can hear the pain in his voice while he speaks on topics like addiction, depression and other trials of life. With this cut “CryingInLaurelCanyon”, Wifi once again states that his life is not always glits and glamour.

For those who aren’t familiar, Laurel Canyon is one of the richest areas not only in California, but the United States as well. From the outer perspective it may look like Wifi is happy about the success and monetary rewards. Though, when you take a deeper listen, the somber reality is nothing to laugh about. When artists express their vulnerability through their outlet, it creates a strong bond with their listener. Especially when they relate and go through the same things an artist may deal with. Wifi takes this production by Jimmy Duval and pushes through to gift us his talent once again. We appreciate you Wifi, thank you for taking the time to show us what’s real. Stream this emotional trap ballad below.


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