Does Wiz Khalifa Have A Sextape Being Shopped Around?



Wiz Khalifa has definitely been living right right ever since he separated with Amber Rose. From his Smile vine, to the crazy Instagram posts, Wiz has been spotted around frequently enjoying life – and why is that so wrong?

Just like everything else, when you’re doing good, someone’s going to be there to try and knock you down. And this is it.

On Thursday morning, the Taylor Gang homie posted some dope ass photos on his Instagram; showing him doing his thang with Carla Howe, a PlayBoy model who appeared in his 2012 movie “Mac & Devin Go to High School.” We all know Wiz straight ripped that pussy open, but now, TMZ is reporting that their is an apparent sex tape being moved around Hollywood – like Wiz should give a fuck.


According to TMZ, a close friend – aka a snitch – says the footage is now being offered around Hollywood, in aspirations of it being the next big sex tape. However, TMZ reports that Wiz lawyered up and is prepared to block the release if it comes up for release. Atta boy Wiz.

giphy (1)

Even though this video hasn’t been confirmed yet by anyone credible – fuck TMZ-  Wiz did delete his pics with Carla from IG. Either way, I consider this a win for the homie Wiz. We’ll keep you posted if anything goes down.

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