Yak Yola Goes “All In” With New Video


Philadelphia’s up-and-coming star Yak Yola just dropped yet another reason to fuck with him.  “All In” is now up on YouTube and Philadelphia’s soon-to-be star is shining. With a gritty and rhythmic grace, Yak Yola has snapped once again. Come see for yourself.

Yak Yola has been making waves recently, and the Philly rapper has surely turned some heads. Today, Yak Yola dropped a brand new video on YouTube, and I’m even more curious about him than I was after watching his video for “Blow” (which is saying a lot).

Yak sports a gritty look throughout “All In”, while perfectly laying down his perfect hook and verses that’ll keep you singing along. He skates on this blood-pumping beat, leaving no room for critique. There’s not much more the Philly young gun could do to keep industry heads asking questions. Start following Yak Yola before the rest of the world catches on, he is surely going to make a big impact on the Hip-Hop scene with his popularization. The rest of his catalog goes dumb too- take a listen to another hit single below, “Go Getta”.

And if you’re not already convinced he’s gonna blow up, come see the pandemonium he puts on display in “All In” below. You’ll thank me later.


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