Young Nudy & Sahbabii Come Together For A Crazy Double-Headliner Night In Miami!


Young Nudy and Sahbabii join their tours together for a special night in Miami presented by the south Florida event company Susano Promo and sponsored by yours truly, Daily Chiefers. 

The exciting night is geared up to happen on November sixteenth at a legendary spot in Miami, The Hangar. Joining Nudy and Sahbabii on this glorious night is SG Tip, NGeeYL, C Glizzy, Hitman Fuego, and Drew Swace. Don’t miss out on a crazy-filled night with an excessive amount of bangers to be played! Tickets are available here, so go cop one now and get your gas pack ready for the Nudyland and Animeworld tour! Flyer was done by the goat, Don Anthony Tyson Jr.



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