Young Scooter – The Grind Don’t Stop ft. Future


Scooter - SL3
I have been a loyal Young Scooter supporter ever since he came on the scene and every single time I do open my mouth to speak good on him he finds some way to make me look foolish. I never claimed he was the best rapper alive, but I did say that he could have been one of the more prominent artist in the trap lane, I do think his time has come and gone for that, but that doesn’t stop me from listening to his new releases.

Today he liberated his new mixtape, Street Lottery 3, and I am sharing one of the projects stand out tracks entitled “The Grind Don’t Stop” which features Future Hendrix. Tracks like these are why I said Scooter could take the trap lane by storm, but thats neither here nor there. Stream the track below and listen to the project in full right here.



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