You’re Gonna Be Okay, Just Breathe


What are you waiting for? Is there a reason you keep doubting yourself with just about everything you do in a day? I think we all need a moment to reassess what stresses us out and what truly matters in our lives. Each breath is a blessing and to spend this precious time riddled with anxiety is essentially a disservice to your being. Now, this is not the anxiety that is incurable, I mean the anxiety that is created between your ears but curated by your brain. The gut is the most trustworthy part of your body and to follow its lead is a trick I’ve learned over the years. We all know what we have to do and how to move, it’s truly a matter of execution. I don’t mean to ramble, but please free yourself from the traps of self-doubt. Clarity will roll around the corner and a great reminder is that the world gets quite dark before it gets bright. With that being said, go in peace and you’re gonna be okay, just breathe.

Worry Club – Jonesin’

This is my favorite Worry Club song to date and Chase‘s soft tone wins the day. The minimalist instrumentation layers damn near perfectly through the waves. Guitar rifts paint the technicolor skies and the vocal approach will mellow you out. This doesn’t mean the song is lazily put together, it’s quite the contraire. The lackadaisical lyrics stumble in and out the realms of heartbreak, residing in a mood of relief after delivery. This is music that will strive and live on throughout the rest of our days as opposed to dying out in the first month. Thoroughly impressed with this one, keep going, but don’t worry too much.

Blvck Svm – poseidonfreestyle

Blvck Svm was sent to me a few weeks ago and I was blown away by this man’s waves. “posiedonfreestyle” has a gleaming reminiscence of Remble’s flow, but in Svm‘s subtle brilliance. You can feel the introspection in his cadence, moving throughout the beat in a calculated manner. What a lot of this music comes down to is the feeling. How did you move me with your voice, instruments, or wordplay. And this right here is a shining combination of all three. Blvck Svm is one of those ones to watch, don’t get left behind.

Kinrose – Wade

Kinrose is a DMV representative and his song “Wade” is a futuristic fusion with classic rap elements. Choosing a beat like this only creates separation from the norm, and Kinrose‘s twang gifts us a bounce that cannot be duplicated. Kinrose gets a solid assist from Tommi Tsunami, whose voice adds a needed element to the cut. They both truly shine and win me over, not with over-bearing confidence, but more with their skill-sets. I can hear the potential and if this is just the norm for these two, the future is looking pretty bright.

Caash Cartel featuring Gio Dee, B Blazo & Bando Baby

We are huge supporters of the Mass music scene and it’s so much bigger than just Boston. From Brockton to Dorchester and all in between the Chiefers squad just wants to help shine the light on what we know is special. Caash Cartel, Gio Dee, B Blazo and Bando Baby have all been on our pages before, but “In My Shoes” is an explosive effort to flood the streets. All four rip this drill-inspired backdrop, yet again proving the state needs to be included in the bigger conversation. We’ll cut the shit and just let you peep this fire above.


Trizzy is having a bit of a run here, but the world is sleeping on the man. His delivery meshed with the heavy mood of this beat hits is how you say, chef’s kiss. His confidence beams through your screen and speakers, embodying how you should move in this current medium of music. Trizzy silences the doubters with an ode to Meek, a yerba, and some shots by the pool. Shot by Kley Karadak and with the production handled by Rxkz, Trizzy did his thing with these crisp edits as well. We love to support the Ohio gang, so peep this gas above.


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