Yung Aloha & Yung Bae – Rainbows


Yung Aloha - Rainbows ft. Yung Bae Cover

I was nearly done with my 2nd blunt of the day when the SoundCloud gawd algorithm kicked in and warped me away from the immensely delicate ride out instrumental “Make Me Late For Breakfast” by Flamingosis. I was transported to this equally vibey, properly disco-infused sonic beauty “Rainbows” by Yung Aloha. Not only my first experience with the relatively enigmatic producer, I was also introduced to the beat maker Yung Bae in the process. The two seemingly combined efforts to pump out the nomenclature nod to curved iridescence that would likely turn any frown way the fuck upside down. This is the type of track you can multitask both a smoke session and getting it in to with ease. While some purist might not consider it a “hip-hop” beat, first fuck purists because this is music, and second try to tell me the likes of Kanye couldn’t finesse flipping this into his next throwback sounding hit. Now grind and roll up with haste, get all the way laid back and hit play on this one.


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