Yung Bans Shares Three New Singles, One With Lil Skies


Rising Atlanta star Yung Bans surprises fans with three new single releases. “ETA,” “Fleeky,” and “Waterslide,” featuring Lil Skies, all came last night with no notice. The first of the three, “ETA,” is light and airy with upbeat production from Yung Forza and Oogie Mane, two highly prominent producers in the underground for years. Bans floats over the infectious hook. “Waterslide” with Skies is a colorful and vibey hit with production from another SoundCloud legend, Y2K. Finally, “Fleeky” brings it all together with enigmatic and robust production from Dee B and Bans tapping more into his melodic side. All three tracks play into each other well. Check out all three below.



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