Yung Kayo and Yeat Shoot Flows on Crazy New Single, “Yeet”


The 17-year-old phenom Yung Kayo has been making music for years now, garnering the attention of Young Thug and others due to his unique sound that is not typical of someone who was raised in Baltimore. Yung Kayo proves that he is truly one of a kind on his new track, “Yeet” by consistently flowing over an insane beat that would be difficult for many rappers to rap over. The Warpstr made production creates the sonic and visual presentation of two race cars speeding past one another alongside raging flames. Yeat comes in on the track smooth, riding the beat perfectly while offering his signature unorthodox flows and cadence.

The Moshpxt created visuals for the music video of “Yeet” are surreal. They take place in a desert where there are tall buildings and futuristic, high-speed trains. There are also various scenes where a cool distortion effect is placed onto Yung Kayo and Yeat, creating the illusion that they were glitching while rapping in the music video. All of this makes for an amazing single ahead of Yung Kayo’s DOWN FOR THE COUNT, album that is scheduled to release on February 4th, 2022. Check out Yung Kayo‘s new fire collaboration with Yeat, “Yeet,” below. 


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