Yung Sinn Interview: Talks “Ben10”, Signing With Slaughter Gang, Giving Back to the Community, & More


Representing Stone Mountain, GA, Yung Sinn has emerged as a rising prospect in the rap game. Despite being roughly new to making music, Yung Sinn is on a path to becoming Georgia’s next rap star. From signing to 21 Savage’s Slaughter Gang imprint, and releasing breakout tracks like “Ben10” & “CD Freestyle”, Yung Sinn is only getting started. Sinn sat down to talk about signing his deal, making some of his first raps, linking up with Rot Ken for “Cover They Eyes,” and his mission to give back to the community, among other things. Tap in.

NS: How you living, bro?

Sinn: Everything been well, I’ve been living well. Everything been going great.

NS: I wanted to start this off with your origins,  how was growing up for you in Stone Mountain, Georgia?

Sinn: It really depends on the type of person, I’d say. If you in the trenches for real, it’s gonna be hard. But if you going to school and doing everything right, everything gonna go right. It ain’t that bad, but if you in it, it’s gonna be bad. Ain’t too many innocent people getting hurt out there.

NS: When did music become a factor in your life?

Sinn: I ain’t gon lie, I’ve always played around with cyphers, but I never took music serious until I got locked up. When I got locked up I started rhyming, letting people hear it. The people that were in there with me were like ‘bro, you hard as hell’. It’s like the whole dorm, and then I got the dorm next door hearing it, and they were like ‘yeah that’s hard twin’. It was multiple people telling me that, so when I got out I just took it serious.

NS: Can you talk more about how your debut single Ben10 came to fruition?

Sinn: Shit. I ain’t write that. I was chilling, my partna was bringing the studio to me. I wasn’t really recording like that, but I was recording, you know what I’m sayin? When I’d have time to do it I’d do it. He pulled up on me, broken laptop, screen hanging out. We still got it going. I made the song, he had a fucked up mic and everything. I was just chilling tho, it was coming to my head. I was punching in everything. It’s just one of them ones, it just came to my head.

NS: Did the response from your debut single help give you the confidence that you can actually do this?

Sinn: The response surprised me, because I ain’t been doing this. When I see how it went, I was like damn they fucking with it. I need to keep going.

NS: Can you tell the story of how you got discovered and signed to Slaughter Gang?

Sinn: So this is how that happened. I did a Miko Worldwide video. My partna Dre paid the Miko dude to go out there, but it wasn’t really for me. He was really just paying a nigga to come out there to see the hood. We got to talking, and he was like you might as well show folks your music. Miko came out there, shot the video, he dropped it, but my music was in there. I was playing all my music in there. After that video I dropped the video to Shooter Ambition. After that I went to the club, I met Meezy (Sinn’s manager), he pulled up to the neighborhood on Central, we talked, and everything went from there.

NS: Is there anything you’ve learned so far from being in the industry, even though it’s been a short time?

Sinn: Patience. You gotta be patient. I know everything should be good, and shit just comes fast, but you have to be patient. And we have to put in that work. You can’t just make one song, and kick your feet up. You gotta keep going. Folks might wanna hear some whole different shit tomorrow.

NS: You linked with Rot Ken for “Cover They Eyes”, can you talk more about how that collaboration came to be?

Sinn: We met in the studio actually. We just got to chopping it up, I heard some of his music. We just locked in, we got multiple songs together. They gonna come out too.

NS: Are you in the process of making a project?

Sinn: Yeah Wrong Turn is the project, but that’s pretty much done, I’m just doing the finishing touches. I be working, I put in overtime. It’s not a one-day, two-day thing, it takes weeks. But I make songs quick, I make a song in like 30 minutes in the studio. The process of actually making music for me is fast.

NS: Is there anything else you have planned for the rest of 2022?

Sinn: I got a lot of shit planned. I’m gonna do a lot of back-to-school giveaways, I’m gonna show up to a lot of schools. I’m gonna be passing out toys to the kids. I’m gonna be doing a lot for the people.

NS: Where does that sense of giving back to the community come from?

Sinn: That comes from me feeling like I owe. I know I did a lot of stupid shit, but now I wanna give back. I just wanna do good.

NS: To those not familiar with your sound, how would you describe it?

Sinn: My sound is very demonic. I just got a different sound. I switch sounds every song.

Check out Yung Sinn’s latest releases, “Cover They Eyes,” featuring Rot Ken, and “Shake Det” both songs are out on all DSPs, with the visuals now on YouTube. Also, be on the lookout for Sinn’s debut project, coming soon.

Check him out below.


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