Yung Tory Releases Throwback Clip For “ZEZE Remix”


The dancing for the front camera trend is reaching an all time high amongst popular figures on social media after the rise of 10k Caash and his viral videos previewing unreleased music by artists such as Lil Uzi VertK$upreme, and more. While these videos are interesting and a great way to preview music, we must look back to one of the first awkward but great dance scenes in the famously weird movie Napoleon Dynamite. Canadian artist Yung Tory pays homage to the infamous talent show scene by putting his catchy “ZEZE REMIX” over it and it makes for a dope visual to go along with the smooth track. The talented rapper rides the beat with a unique flow that gets the most out of the harmony of his voice and the xylophone sounding chime that serves as the background for the song. Check it out below, and stay tuned to see us throw this football over that mountain.


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