Zelooperz Glides on the Sample Laced “SWV”


Known for his zany style with tasteful lyrics, Zelooperz adds to his ever-growing catalog with the sensual single “SWV”. On this cut, we see a more laid-back Zelooperz catching a crazy pocket over a ridiculously smooth sample. Finding himself conflicted over a girl, he describes how he would do anything to see her in a better position but debates if it’s even worth it. Bars like “I just want you to be safe and sound, But you want to be piped up” highlight this sentiment even further. 

The paired visuals for “SWV” work so well with the sample. The track already has a late 80’s R&B feel to it, so seeing Zelooperz pull up on a moped and rapping with his shirt open plays into that. You see him spitting his gospel in multiple locations and you can see how invested he is in the track. This truly helped increase my enjoyment of the record ten-fold, you haven’t checked out “SWV” yet, catch it below!


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