408 Darwin Is The New Crown Prince From Kentucky


The name 408 Darwin has been brewing in the underground for a while now, but it seems like things are kicking up a notch. With his new single for “Shooters” we hear a kid almost foaming at the mouth to show and prove. You can hear shades of influence of X and $not, but Darwin possesses a real identity of his own. With production from Marvy, this cut is heavy in all the right places.

This isn’t the cookie cutter rhymes of Harlow but isn’t as rugged as Gee. The happy medium in between is not only speaking to the youth, but it’s gaining this man some stellar momentum. “Shooters” is fearless, boisterous, and arrogant in the best ways. You don’t hear an ounce of doubt in what Darwin drops off making for a memorable moment from start to finish.

The instrumentation isn’t vastly complicated, instead, it shines in its simplicity. Not to take away anything from our protagonist, only further accenting his sermon being delivered to the congregation. Darwin is daring, wondrously chaotic, and the next big thing to pay attention to. Get hip to all of it below.


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