The Name Is Lucas And He’s Here To Change The Game


You gotta love when an artist just dives in and starts from square one. And Lucas is doing just that with his new single for “Zizou”. Accompanied by a wondrously cinematic set of frames, directed by Free Honeyy and John Luna we see this young man deliver an incredibly confident performance.

Not leaving much to the imagination, Lucas would rather reveal his talents to the people as he goes along. This is the first in the long line of releases for this young man, but let me tell you, it’s something special to witness. This kid isn’t afraid to lose or live life to the fullest and that’s the reason he’ll come out on the other side unscathed.

With unwavering confidence attached to the drums and an honest portrayal of how moves through the day, Lucas shines bright seemingly effortlessly. The people will be blown away when they find out he only has 124 monthly listeners. “Zizou” is the title track off of Lucas’s debut album Palm Trees and Fake Smiles, so don’t be the last one to the party and get hip to the soon-to-be phenom below.


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