Peace And Quiet


I can’t do the busy city or crowded rooms too often. The immense amount of stress and congestion overall makes me want to flee immediately. Unfortunately, I’m in a business of interaction with others, so it seems like I’ll have to figure it out. And that’s what life is all about, solutions. I want to find the medium where I don’t have to feel as if I’m in a realm not meant for me, but on the other hand, being uncomfortable pushes me to improve.

Though what I want the most are peace and quiet. Whether that comes 10 years from now or 30, that’s what I strive for with my friends and family. In my backyard, no noise at night other than the faint car driving down Glenway, and no steps pounding on the floors above me. Just me, my girl, and peace and quiet.

Divert – “Feeling You Out”

The Divert bros are on our pages for the first time and they gift the world an electric set of sounds to enjoy. With the uptempo instrumentation, we hear a number of cadences and vocal approaches from this five-man group. You can hear a great deal of not only creative chemistry but daring attempts to meld styles that you wouldn’t think worked well together. To an untrained ear, this may seem all over the place, but to us, we think it’s bliss that’s rough around the edges. But that’s the kind of music we love, dive in.

22gfay Featuring MCM Raymond – “Red Lights”

22gfay is arguably the biggest and brightest star coming out of San Diego as of late and I think it’s because of his sheer skill. His sound is incredibly approachable and crosses over so many different demographics. “Red Lights” is yet another notch in the belt for 22, but he gets an assist from MCM Raymond. This smooth and confident cut basks in it’s West Coast glory, but still infects a new fan’s mind. 22gfay is a name to know, get hip.

Bucky Malone – “The Purple Album:Deluxe”

Bucky Malone returns with the deluxe variation of The Purple Album and this one covers all of his technicolor styles from A to Z. Songs that really stand out are “No Hoes”, “Juice N The Hood” and “Acura”, but to be honest there isn’t a cut that lags behind the rest. With the inspirations coming from different regions of rap, Malone takes all of his talents and lets the cauldron brew. The beats hit hard, but only enhance any mood that Bucky illuminates in the sky. Get hip above.

RelicRhymes – “Relic 4 Congress”

This is weirdly good, but I think it comes from a sheer entertainment standpoint. Regardless of whether Relic is really running for congress, we share a few giggles as this man bars out. The creativity is there, but satire in the form of music sometimes runs a bit dry. RelicRhymes can actually probably rap and this is a fun, light-hearted example of such. Reminds me of the Das Racist days basking in low-budget glory. Keep going Relic we hope you get elected to congress and keep making tunes.

Cheek The Profit – Big Bag

New Jersey’s Cheek The Profit heads to the West Coast for his new video called “Big Bag”. This energetic set of bars and frames sits in its own world full of kinetic energy. The booming synths pair with bass and create a stunning canvas for Cheek to paint. He stands tall when it comes to the confidence of his music, which is a huge deal when building your catalog. There’s a great deal of potential here, lets hope he keeps pushing.

Nkosi Bourne – Glimpse

Brooklyn’s Nkosi Bourne is also on our site for the first time, but he makes a great impression. “Drowning” feels like a fundamentally sound bop with precise patterns of rhymes and percussion. You can hear the honesty in Nkosi‘s tonality and it makes you connect with the music that much more. Yes, there are only 7 cuts on here, but truly a stellar starting point for new listeners to get hip. Nkosi Bourne might be onto something.

Ace Arty – “Right Idea”

Ace Arty is name that’s new to our pages, but after hearing this one, it might be overdue. “Right Idea” is an incredibly catchy cut and Arty’s voice melds incredibly well with this instrumentation. The mood is light, the energy is high and Ace aims to turn this one into a soon to be anthem. “Right Idea” is just that, the correct thing to play for any function. Ace Arty is an artist to add to your playlist.

Jasminegold – “Friendly Fire”

JASMINEGOLD is an off-kilter duo from Florida and honestly we hear elements of Raider Klan in their music. This effort is called “Friendly Fire” and a great description would be beautifully organized chaos. Instead of trying to color in between those fake lines that differentiate musical taste, this does the opposite. It strives to grab attention and avoids to wait for you to catch on. David Nights and KJ are the powerful duo that is JASMINEGOLD, get all the way tapped in now.

Laivy – “Fake Friends”

This young phenom is the son of Matisyahu, but he shines alone with his musical prowess. Laivy is avoiding the fake friends all while crooning soothing melodies. Unique percussive elements meld with the variatals of tonality Laivy unleashes. His music is so god damn approachable it’s truly only a matter of time before the world catches on to what he has to offer. Do yourself a favor and introduce your ears to Laivy above.


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