Too Real To Be Replicated: The Shaudy Kash Interview


I got put on to Shaudy Kash on August 30th, two days later on September 1st he was my most streamed artist for the whole month of August, with 167 streams. I’m sure some of you reading are probably wondering how the hell I listened to him that much in just two days. Fans of Detroit/Flint rap throw around a lot of names as the best shit talkers in that area, and those guys deserve to be named. But, a name I never heard was Shaudy’s, that’s all about to change though.

The man has been on a hell of a run this year, dropping 4 projects so far with virtually zero misses. He’s coming off the heels of Young CBFW, and you can believe he’ll make his way back into my top 5 streamed artists of this month… considering he rapped what felt like not only his life, but my life for 14 songs straight.

After playing Shaudy’s music to death for a week, I hit up Brick to see if I could interview him. The Rap Gods blessed us at Daily Chiefers once again, read me and Shaudy’s conversation, edited for clarity below.

CF: So, to start off the interview, I just wanted to know, like, who is Shaudy Kash? You know, like, who is Young Can’t Be Fucked With (Young CBFW)? I feel like you’ve been around for a minute, but your career is still, like, sort of just now starting, even though you’ve got a lot of projects out. So, who are you, what are you about?

Shaudy Kash: I’m just a young nigga thuggin’ through this life shit bro, that’s all it is. Tryna set an example for these lil’ niggas out here to be solid you feel me? Show ’em you can do whatever you want to do, long as you put your mind and your grind to it.

CF: A lot of the time it seems like interviewers don’t really dive into the creative process of trap, drill, and any non-traditional rappers creative process. So, I wanted to know what have you been looking at and thinking about these days? What strokes your sense of creativity?

Shaudy Kash: Mainly, shit just my life honestly. That’s the only thing I can really speak on for real. Cause it’s like I dive deep into everything that I talk about. So, it’s like, you know you can’t really dive into no shit if you don’t know what you talkin’ about.

CF: Reflection feels like a big part of your raps… reflecting on how certain things played out with women, fake people, whatever it may be. I feel like you reflect on my life sometimes, the shit hits so hard. With that being said, how are you able to focus on what’s next while always keying in on the past?

Shaudy Kash: I mean, in this life shit a nigga got to keep thuggin’ regardless. But I feel like me keying in on my past is like my therapy for real. Because it’s like this life shit ain’t never gon’ really gonna be the same for me. So, I like to dwell on the times when life was how I wanted, or how I missed it. Or even them lil’ situations whether they was good or bad, they all came out as a lesson or a blessing. So, it was like some good came out of everything.

CF: Speaking on the past, it’s clear that you love samples. So how did you come about your sample-based style? What’s your thought process like when you select beats?

Shaudy Kash: Man I be bangin’ that shit for real. I’m an old head for real. I’ll hear some shit that’s sweet and I be like I’ll tweak on this bitch. Actually, it’s crazy nigga I got my cousin over here, this who be making my beats. The hard ass samples I be havin’ he responsible for some of them, my baby Loaded Leek.

CF: Loaded Leek?

Shaudy Kash: He in that bitch gettin’ some heat made as we speak. Leek played me the beat, it was hard. Shoutout to my dawg Leek.

CF: Yeah, I really fuck with the fact that you actually play the old shit and not just sample it, that actually plays into my next question. What’re some of your favorite old- school albums and songs?

Shaudy Kash: “I Get Around” from Tupac, that’s number one, that bitch like a theme song, yeah. What else? “Baby I Wanna” by H-Town, that bitch a banger. Mary J. Blige “My Life”, that whole album. Damn near “Dogg Food” by Tha Dogg Pound too.

CF: Leek got any?

Loaded Leek: I’ll say my favorite groups is probably Bone Thugs (N Harmony), Three Six Mafia. I feel like those two groups really set the whole tone for the new generation for real. Everybody singing and rapping, that’s Bone Thugs. Then the mainstream beats all sound like Three Six Mafia. If I had to pick an album I’d say Bone Thugs “East 99” (“E. 1999 Eternal”).

CF: Does it feel like you’re valued in the Detroit scene? Do you think that your drops are valued in this space and time, or do you think you should have blown up a long time ago?

Shaudy Kash: Naw, everything happens for a reason bro. I don’t really be lookin’ at shit like that. And I, you know, my shit progressively grew throughout the years, you know. I feel like if I would’ve blew back then I wouldn’t be ready for this shit.

CF: What do you think is different about you now than back then?

Shaudy Kash: I’m more mature. Like even when I was a lil’ nigga, one thing I can say, I always had a name for real, even when I was lil’ nigga my name was buzzing in the city or whatever. But my mind just wasn’t ready for this shit bro, the fame, all the shit that come with this shit. You know? I probably would have let that shit got to my head or something if I would’ve blew back then man. You never know how shit work. But, it’s like now I done been through so much shit, and seen so much shit, and experienced so much. It’s like, I’m prepared, I really feel like I’m prepared for that.

CF: So that kind of plays into my next question, like, what’s next? Is there anything you’re working on that you are excited about?

Shaudy Kash: I’m really just focusing on “Young Can’t Be Fucked With” (Young CBFW). That bitch just dropped a few days ago. I’m trying to get that bitch to its highest potential. I got two more potential drops before the year was over though I think. I got some shit in the works with DJ Limelightz and Kardiak Films, shoutout my niggas. We got a lil’ EP idea goin’ on and shit. Then I might drop this shit called “95 Snoop 2”. I had dropped some shit in like 2018, “95 Snoop” the original; I feel like if I bring it back that shit would be hard, and I got some shit to bring to it too.

CF: What’s something that’s misunderstood about you?

Shaudy Kash: That’s a good ass question. Mufuckas think I’m mean as hell, and that ain’t no misconception… I’m mean as hell. I’m a cool nigga, I just don’t show that shit to everybody. But with the bitches, I guess you could say… I don’t just be dogging bitches for no reason bro. Every time I dog a bitch it be cause they dogged they self and did some shit to make me dog them. You know? I just ain’t goin’. I ain’t gon’ say I’m just out here doin’ hoes bold for no reason, most mufuckas would assume that.

CF:  You got any, any story that you’d be willing to tell since you’ve been “on” per se?

Shaudy Kash: Man, it’s too many to count bro. The real stories was before I got “on” or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Bro I been doin’ this shit for so long I’ll be on this bitch all day. I’ll say it be a lot of miscellaneous ass bars mufuckas think just be bars but I really did that shit, this shit be crazy bro. I’ll say all the hype ass, wild ass stories happened when I wasn’t famous bro. Cause I ain’t gon’ lie bro, I used to be tweakin’ out I ain’t gon’ talk you to death. My reputation proceeds me around this bitch.

CF: Any regrets?

Shaudy Kash: Nah, all this shit really made me bro. Ain’t shit I regret about this shit. Whether it was good or bad nigga I learned from it you know? I’m a solid ass nigga, and whatever I went through it made me into the man I am today and I’m proud of the man I am today.


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