The Franchise Player, Baby Smoove Just Dropped His First Project in 2 Years


The star point guard, man of many talents, young rich bastard Baby Smoove just made the 2 year wait worth it. I truly thought he was kidding about this release. After little promo (only one Instagram and YouTube post) I was worried this wouldn’t live up to the hype of his past projects, but man was I wrong. He not only experiments with different beats and flows on this new project, but he shows he has mastered the art of creating his own sound.

I feel like it’s only fair to be up front and honest with you. I was worried he would call me a burger and make me feel bad about myself for 45 minutes like how he has in the past, but he just elevates his wordplay on these hard hitting beats and proves how timeless his music has become over the past couple of years.

Shit talking aside, the punchlines and overall energy is some the best I’ve heard come from him. A huge highlight for me on this one was how he raps over the somewhat flipped beat of Migos-Versace on the song “I Dare U” and it absolutely hits. Loaded with production from Meech, CHASETHEMONEY, Enrgy and others, this one just feels different from the others. I absolutely love this. Check it out here:



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