4TUNAT, Your Favorite Underground Artist’s Favorite Underground Artist


Today’s “underground” music scene consists of so many different looks, styles, and sounds. To cut through the noise artists need to have the perfect medley of all three. Not too mainstream, but not too underground. Cool enough so that the cool kids will listen but not too different because then the cool kids are too cool to listen. It seems as though Atlanta-based artist 4TUNAT figured out that formula with his most recent video “Yesterday”.

The music video shot and edited by Anthony Wx, and features well-timed transitions and old-school film filters that give off a tasteful “e-boy” feel. 4TUNAT didn’t slow down with “Yesterday”, ironically enough, he dropped a Youtube exclusive yesterday titled, “EASTCOAST BOY vs OUTWEST GIRL,” produced by BurdxKeys and Greyson Selin. He kept the modern underground style in his production and delivery but the content runs alongside the likes of deep underground acts like Memoria Xi, Aizayah Hillz, and Dro Kenji focusing more on a lost love interest than the common lyrics that revolve around lean, backwoods, and sizable gats.

I don’t think 4TUNAT is slowing down so you better start catching up. Check out his new music video for “Yesterday” and be sure to tap in with us daily to stay up to date on all your favorite new music.


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