Pittsburgh’s Raw Dawg Talks His Sh*t In A Recent Music Video, “Headquarters”


I woke up ready to take names today and so did Raw Dawg when he stepped in the booth and disrespected the fuck out of Bwitdaheat’s knocking instrumental and made one of his most recent releases, “Headquarters.”

The Pittsburgh artist reigns from the Eastside, one of the area’s notorious for rugged activity and close-range beef in the streets. You wouldn’t be surprised after you hear Dawg open up the track with “Homicide, 2015 summer made some momma’s cry” and then proceeds to confidently walk over whoever is supposed to take the bars to heart. 

The music video shot and edited by the legendary BillMike shows Dawg with his dog’s comfortably turning up. We’re always a fan of BillMike’s opening drone shots and perfectly timed transitions, and we’re not surprised that he killed “Headquarters” as well. 

Personally, I’m gonna keep an eye on Raw Dawg and his growing catalog. I’d suggest you do the same with the amount of heat this man has already blessed us with. For now, watch “Headquarters” and stay tuned for your daily dose.


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